Client Testimonials

It’s really important to find a therapist you feel safe and open with. Below are some testimonials from clients whom I’ve worked with for you to read to get a better understanding of me and my clinical style. I feel so lucky to work with people every day; I learn from my clients just as much as they learn working with me.


“Kayla Coughlan has been an invaluable part of my therapy experience. I was extremely hesitant to seek help and very selective of therapists before coming to her, but she instantly made me feel welcome and as if I had made the right choice. Kayla is caring and understanding; she’s willing to listen or talk, depending on what you, as a patient, need, but she’s also not afraid to push when it’s appropriate. She helped me through a variety of methods and often introduced new ways to help me. I have always felt as though I could trust Kayla’s confidentiality and her genuine desire to help me achieve my mental health goals. After my initial hesitation, I began to look forward to my sessions with her; I knew that she was helping me to grow and become better. I wouldn’t be who I am right now without the invaluable help she has provided me. I’m confident that she can help any person who seeks help from her, no matter what problems they may face. Any patient would be lucky to have her as his or her therapist.”

-Male, Age 28, Individual Counseling


My experience with Kayla has been one of awakening.  An awakening of an understanding of myself as well as an understanding of the possibilities.  From our initial meeting, she has been able to guide me on my journey to discovering exactly who I am and all the options available that I had never considered before now.
Though cheerful and positive throughout our sessions, she never hesitates to point out negative aspects of my thinking or guiding me to a deeper understanding of an issue.  Done in a caring manner, these insights make our therapy sessions extremely valuable.
Beyond the sessions, I’m excited each week to discover the homework Kayla has for me to strengthen the therapy.  After more than fifty years of repeated behaviors, I am thrilled to use the tools she provides to reach into the core of myself, as opposed to more self-destructive cycles of interaction.  Her clear, precise explanations of cognitive therapy makes these tools understandable and easier to use.
Originally I started seeing Kayla to continue work while my past therapist was away on leave.  But with her positive attitude, practical advice and strong commitment to taking action I have decided to remain with her. My range of interaction and communication have increased in a positive manner, as well as my ability to move forward to the ‘real’ me.  Her help in this work has been invaluable and I highly recommend her to anyone needing a therapist.

-Male, age 56, Individual Counseling

“We decided to see Kayla when our relationship came up against some serious roadblocks that just keep repeating despite our best efforts, and we’re so glad we did. Not only was she empathetic and attuned to what we each were feeling but her insights and suggestions were spot on. We both especially appreciated that she took such a concise, get to the heart of the matter approach that was based in practical actions we each could take to improve our relationship. We both would wholeheartedly recommend Kayla to anyone who desires a therapist who is compassionate and empathetic who can also offer meaningful and practical paths to improvement.”

-Female, age 31, Couples and Individual Counseling


“I feel like I have made a lot of progress since I started seeing Kayla. She is really amazing at helping me incorporate small changes in my life that make a big difference. She also utilizes technology, like sending me a reminder text the day before my appointment, which is really helpful especially in my busy schedule. The office is welcoming and Kayla has been a huge help in my journey. I look forward to my appointments every week.”

-Female, Age 24, Individual Counseling


“What I like best about working with Kayla is her cheerfulness. She gets a lil’ goofy sometimes and it really helps when you’re starting to get down. The initial appointment was amazing I didn’t think we would get to solving anything or pinpointing anything but we did and I left feeling good and ready for the next appointment.I find Kayla very knowledgeable.The office is super cozy and not too quiet and the text reminders for appointments are the greatest!”

-Male, age 20, Individual Counseling


“Kayla is amazing! Not only does she listen to your struggles and guide you, she asks the right questions to make you stop and think. When I first visited Kayla, my partner and I had just split up. Over the next several months, Kayla helped my partner and I overcome issues that I never knew were damaging us as a couple. She dug deep into our minds and thoughts and found what the real issues were. My partner and I are now happier than ever, and know now what we need to continue our growth, all because of Kayla. If it wasn’t for Kayla, I know that my partner and I would have never worked through our issues. Kayla makes the appointments inviting and so relaxing that you forget that you are in an appointment. Not only is Kayla a great professional, she is also there for you as a friend.”

-Female, Age 35, Couples Counseling


“My family saw Kayla for around 6 months for several different family issues. We had to set new limitations within the home and work on compliance with our sons. Kayla was wonderful! She was very positive yet tough. She is very personable and was very easy to open up to. She made it a group effort. She never placed blame on anyone just encouraged us to work together to fix the areas needed. She went out of her way to follow up and help with charts, research and other things needed to help us meet weekly goals. She listened to all members of the family and held everyone accountable for their role and progress. We had fun playing games, had regular sessions and some homework. It was well worth it. Our family is not perfect but we are on the right track now and things are much smoother. We are so happy now.”

-Female, Age 42, Family Therapy


“Thank you for utilizing your ability to identify problems in our marriage but also your uncanny talent in bringing these issues to light without causing us to reject or deny them. I can sense that you know just when to probe and just when to praise. I’m am so grateful to have you as a mediator in our marriage.

Your help in pointing out my triggers and why I feel the way I do when I am triggered has been enlightening. When you went though the cycle of communication that ​my wife​ and I have created my eyes completely opened up. You have shed light on issues that we where not even aware of. We are coming up on 16 years of marriage this month and we have been communicating to each other in a way that is not healthy right from the start.

Our sons will one day get married and will have children of their own. Our grandchildren will inherit habits from our children who learned them from us. That cycle can continue for generations to come. I blame my dad sometimes for my behavior but in fact it could really be my great-great-great grandfather who started the cycle. The good news is it can end with me!

​My wife​ and I are going to leave a legacy to our children regardless if it is good or bad. We want to leave a good one. Thank you for helping us make the changes necessary to do just that. Life is all about choices. I choose to be the best person I can be and I find your help priceless.”

-Male, Age 43, Marital Counseling


“I liked working with Kayla very much.  She knows what she is doing and has a plan of attack about how to make people feel better about their lives.  She has allowed me to gain so much more confidence in my life than I ever did before.   Kayla made the initial appointment very comfortable. Her office is very inviting and it is a comfortable setting.  She respect peoples privacy, so you don’t have to worry about people in the waiting room over hearing you.  The couch was very comfy and it felt like almost being at home.  She was on time for every appointment and if there was a conflict I was notified as soon as possible.  Kayla was very knowledgeable, has a lot of ideas, and knows more than one way to help people achieve success.  You can tell that she has a passion for her job and wants to help people have better lives.”

-Male, age 30, Individual Counseling