Falling in love is easy… staying in love and keeping a long term relationship happy is the challenging part. Are you feeling like you are having the same argument over and over again with your partner? Do you find that your intimacy has dwindled over the years? Have you not been able to let go of conflicts you’ve had in the past?

Couples counseling can support you and your partner to build trust and respect, find equality in power and house tasks, repair old hurts, and deepen your connection. With action-oriented strategies, I can help you and your partner to repair and revitalize your relationship.

Adult Individual Clients

40 Million American Adults struggle with anxiety disorders, and it’s not uncommon for someone with an anxiety disorder to struggle with a depressive disorder and vice versa. Counseling is an effective way to reduce anxious and depressive feelings. Unlike medications, counseling is side-effect free and will tackle the root of the issue versus just managing the symptoms.

Whether you want to overcome anxiety/depression, lose weight, change jobs, fight your way out of depression, or improve your experience with your partner, I will collaborate with you to determine what you want out of life and help you get there.


I have experience working with teens between the ages of 12-18 who have experienced a wide range of challenges including: depression, anxiety, defiance, sexually reactive behaviors, social skills, dealing with parental divorce, and more.

In my experience, working not only with the teen on an individual basis, but working with the parents on how best to support the youth and the family to overcome conflict within the home is the most helpful approach.